Video Making of « By The Dozen » and the damage done

Never thought this title would one day fit that well to a post.

In order to film a new video of my song « By The Dozen » that i’ll release soon, we drove to Belgium with my friend Gautier Billotte.. We were looking for felony streets looking like, worker’s type of atmosphere, for some scenes of the video.

What we found there, went far further than we actually imagined. Not that the filming was particulary physically tiring, it’s more about what we got ourselves into for three days, emotionally talking, the people,  the village & its very peculiar aspect, mood.

We had no other choice than being aspirated by what people’s day to day existence released.

Boredom. Oblivion.

That’s where we met John, 20 years old, sitting on his hot-wired mob, contemplating from a hill the village and its closed factories.

Just like in a movie, apart from the fact it was just his daily reality.


I still have very mixed up feelings about these cople days and all the things we’ve seen, though am happy with the work we have done.

These demagogic statements apart,

Stay tunned for more pictures, the video, & of course… the new song taken from my first album !!

One Response to “Video Making of « By The Dozen » and the damage done”
  1. Marie, you’re outstanding. Your voice, your lyrics, everything is great. I hope that one day you’ll be famous enough and come to play to Argentina.
    Greetings, Jonathan.

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