London & the damage done

I’ve always been wondering what was so insane about London.
But what happened on this very night made me suddenly grasp the concept.. & stay there way longer than i thought.

Stumbling on high heels
Tripping each others up
While i trip over your words
In No-thing ness Hill

Zambucca or however you spell it
Made us stay for an indefinite time in a pub
-According to the picture- (1)
We felt like we had to pop out
Thanks barmaid for the heads up

Endless Lanes
Sit under a cross
Some believe it softens Loss, so (2)
We went to the school of Fame
A man wears a tiger Outfit
While another Copycats Brad Pitt (3)

Fame Fame Fame
But tonight in my heart’s theater
Blame Game is being played
They all left me motionless
Lack of words  within a lack of space

As we leave, a man from the 16th century bows
From the backseat of a cab
I feel like the driver steers
from his personal ship’s prow

Thought it d lead us to somewhere
Cosy and warm
Instead we got ourselves tied up
Dancing on an empty stage

Im so Grateful they played some Garage Garage Garage (4)

& Half said, half chanted :

« I stagger, where have you been

Seven, early morning

&  the breeze

Turns into a gust of wind »






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