Snow & the damage done

My Dear… the snow. My dear Snow. Where have you both gotten me .. ?

Last Nite had a walk. All of the sudden two boys came up & asked for a cigaret. Then for a lighter.. Had a Little talk. Glazed frost.

Like every breath was an intoxicating inspiration one of them ended up saying « I dig your style, Madame ».

I don’t know what happened, these two fella were actually quite.. useless looking / sounding – but – i must have felt unwillingly flattered at some point because of red wine & lack of sleep.

I can remember i’ve put an answer that went like : « Oh thank you, Yo Yo » while glancing along the flow of the river, paying no attention at my feet, thinking i’d better let them ski & decide weither where they ‘d like to land or not..

That was a mistake. A terrible one.

Truth is : there’s a slight difference between

Going red because of a guy complimenting you (when you actually really don’t care – but wine will make you feel like you do)


– Blushing after you have had a very – very – very – bad fall in front of everyone. But – If we consider things in an optimistic way – i did not bring anyone down with me. And there were only three of them. Could have been worse.

Look after yourself.

Winter time compliments might make your feet showing no signs of slowing – it’s out of your control.

So now. You think : What’s the point ?

Truth is : i’m still learning a lot about you, my hoary Snow – & it is certainly a complex issue. So many other emotions are at play with glazed frost, often it is difficult to discern. I am so confused. When the floor’s spread with you, there is always something compelling about your apathy.

SnowAche makes me regret the Fall. But i liked the fall itself.

It’s up to us to derrive the positive lesson in everything & most of the time, we cannot see the true lesson until we can look back on it. All i can do is prostrate myself to fate and accept things happen for a reason. Although i have not been able to understand it until recently.

(… Oh My deer, never thought snow talking could sound so solemn…)

So now you think : « All this rubbish talking and not even a picture ?! »

Oooh Well. It makes me cry just looking at it. Please, compassion.

Before watching, keep children away from the computer. Close the Curtains. Grab some Sugar, so you can provide yourself help in case of real emotional shock.

Ps : If You Please, notice no body painting was made. I like the effect, though, looks like contemporary art. Or maybe.. more like an expressionist paint.



This is a LEG. Or should i say.. This.. was … my.. Oh My.. Leg. Rip.

« Le monde est gris le monde est bleu
La neige tombe sur mes yeux »


6 Responses to “Snow & the damage done”
  1. vahn dit :

    Aaaaw, nasty!! If it’s of any comfort, I’ll just say my guitarist sprained his wrist when he fell because of the snow last week, don’t know if it was because of a compliment and red wine lol. Take care 😉

  2. jb dit :

    Aie…ok, je comprends mieux maintenant

  3. JW dit :

    « And [Marie] you would fall
    And turn the white snow red as strawberries
    In the summertime »

  4. Laureene dit :

    You could sing :
    « I’ve felt the snow and all the damage done,
    I loved you so but now my dreams are gone,
    With any more sorrow, waiting for.. the sun, your son » …. 😉

  5. Gloria Dave dit :

    SI ça peut au final faire une bonne chanson…..;-)

  6. RandaSedMeela dit :

    Blithesome New Year[url=],[/url] everybody under the sun! 🙂

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